177 Troop Week 3

177 Tp Diary Week 3

Week three Monday for 177 Troop marked the first full day in the new accommodation, kicking off with a full locker and room inspection aimed to give the Troop pointers for improvement, ready for Tuesday’s main inspection where anything amiss would result in failure. Later that day intense phys sessions alongside drill came upon us. Tuesday morning, a lengthy inspection took place resulting in many unhappy faces where standards were not met, but we took the blow and cracked on with the day to come, full of determination to finish on a high. Wednesday morning being another early start with drill being the starter and the Troop, eager to learn, as movements for families day were on the menu. The afternoon had the men on a high as we had a chance to sit down with personal weapons (SA80 A2) for majorly important drills and learning the ins and outs for this vital piece of equipment which will be at our side for the rest of our careers.

As Friday came upon us the anticipation to crack on was as high as ever, with a phys session dedicated to the ropes and new movements to learn. With lessons and lectures complete, the weekend was ever so close, the evening of Friday bringing chill and heated discussion within the Troop as the weekend training programme was up and the “mud-run” was the detail for Saturday afternoon. Saturday had arrived with mixed feelings about the afternoon’s plans but firstly the morning had to pass which personally was an interesting and fun morning, with two hours of drill with a Colour Sergeant and the head of drill for CTCRM, proving to be very informative and helpful. Following drill 90 minutes of hard phys took place leaving the Troop exhausted. The afternoon had arrived and the Troop was awaiting in place ready to be introduced to the estuary for the mud run – an experience some don’t ever want to experience, knee high mud foul smelling and full of stone and shells, where sprints and physical tasks are to be completed. Instead, to our surprise, orders to get changed and permission to run ashore were given, bringing the Troop to a massive high as time away from camp and a chance to enjoy some decent scran and a few cold beers is never a bad thing as well as installing motivation and incentive to complete the week ahead and reach the next weekend for more free time and fun antics.

Overall Week 3 was as hard as the previous two, but it will only get harder and it will be the making or breaking for many individuals but the men of 177 Troop remain focused and determined.


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