177 Troop Week 1 + 2

177 Tp Diary Week 1&2

I arrived at Lympstone around 15.40 hrs, with a few other new recruits that I had met on the final train, everyone feeling very nervous but excited for the weeks ahead.

First few hours everyone was trying to settle in and start to talk to some new faces. We soon had to get our heads shaved and we had our last chance to leave for 28 days as we completed our Attestation. Then we started to learn the basics – everything from learning how to shower and shave.

The next day was the first early morning of many, slow to start with we had lectures and PT. As the days went on, the pace had a steep incline, we had less time and more things to do. There was a lot of late nights, filled with completing our admin, trying to get all of our new kit up to the high standards, and we quickly learnt just how high they were.

Foundation was all about learning how to be 5 minutes early for everything and to do everything you’ve been told to do. Nothing more, or nothing less.


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