176 Troop Week 7



This week 176 Troop were on Woodbury common for Exercise Marshal Star, predominantly for navigation skills where the troop could put earlier lectures and lessons into practice with practical lessons. We developed to take bearings and learned how to recognise predominant features and relate them from the ground to a map. The troop eventually conducted their first unaided night navigation allowing the recruits to work as a small team in their Sections and find their way across the challenging terrain. The exercise also included the troop’s second CQB lane which was thoroughly enjoyed as it allowed the recruits to stimulate a real life contact situation, and also gave the troop a chance to impress the training team by showing their progress since the previous CQB lane. Also included was the troop’s first stalk which involved the recruits camouflaging their helmets and webbing as previously learned and then advancing on their training team without being spotted. Everyone enjoyed putting in to practice the field skills learned to conduct this and made a worthwhile reward for the three cold nights spent out in the field.

A four mile march back to camp on the last day gave the recruits a chance to see the area surrounding the common and also get used to load carrying marches. The exercise as a whole went well but emphasis was given on the troop coming together more often and working as a team. Also getting basic skills of map reading and stalking learned ready for further exercises. Back on camp the troop had further lectures on first aid in preparation for their exams after Christmas leave and were taught how to deal with casualties both in and out of the military. More gym work for the troop who are working well towards their week 9 gym pass out positive feed back from the troops PTI seems to have spurred everyone one on to push themselves. Further swimming lessons also with most of the troop passing their compulsory BST (battle swimming test) well before the cut off date in week 15. The troop is starting to work together much better and beginning to see the importance of working as a whole.


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