175 Troop Week 8

Week 8 has finally arrived! The week everyone has been dreading, well some of us that is! We all knew what’s coming, Company Commanders rounds on Wednesday. To start the week off we had what everyone LOVES drill, an easy start to the day prior to the 4 mile run. A difficult session during which we were all put through our paces, but still a very good phys session.

The glorious morning of Tuesday! Close Quarter Combat day, everyone loves this in the gym. The session consisted of strikes such as elbows and kicks, and then swiftly moved onto defences. To test what we had been taught, the Corporals would kindly sneak up on us when we least expected and try and get us in a hold of some description. After a good session of CQC we moved onto our First Aid lessons. All the lads would agree with me on this one, we don’t mind these lectures! Plenty of tea breaks which everyone has grown to love. After an easy day we had a lot of admin to get to grips with, as we all knew Company Commanders rounds was coming up quickly! We had a detail on the landing about how we had to clean everything, and I mean everything! Anyway, we cracked on with the cleaning. All the lads were putting in a good effort, cleaning places and things that we didn’t know were even there! For example polishing the underneath of steps! After several hours of cleaning we had finally finished, the place was gleaming! We hit the scratcher for another moment.

Wednesday morning was here! Everyone was worried what would happen, but in the back of our heads we were slightly confident due to the effort we put in. Even so lads were still spot checking and flapping all around the grots, Major Kestle was inbound. We all sprung to attention and waited for his inspection. He finally arrived; stepping into my room he started his thorough inspection! Of course at the same time he was asking us questions about everything we had been taught so far, he left quickly and seemed pleased. Major Kestle finally finished his inspections of the Troop, we had a de-brief and a chuck up despite still having plenty of things to keep working on. Well apart from someone didn’t know what order a KFS goes in?! K-F-S? So I guess it was good! Shortly after I heard a dit about one of 2 sections rooms, Major Kestle asked who the strongest bloke was. Greeves’ name popped up, he asked how many pull ups he could do and well macho man Greeves said “23 “. He managed to do these and Major Kestle was suitably impressed. Later on that day we had another run, this time it was Fartlek. The run started off at a good pace, but picked up dramatically. Sprints around files and bear crawls up hills! Shortly we were back at camp.

Thursday had started, a day with the Mountain Leaders. We all got in a coach and headed towards Woodbury. We arrived and ran to the location, arriving at the location we all formed up into 3 ranks. The Mountain Leaders then gave us the detail to get our clasp knifes out; they were shocked that we actually had clean and no rust on our clasp knifes! The day then consisted of survival training, such as shelters, traps, water, navigation and fires. We all found this interesting.

Friday was upon us, the weekend was near. We started the day off with some Phys as usual. After phys we went to Woodbury Common for some map reading, our OP overlooked the whole of CTC and the estuary. We learnt how to use the prismatic compass and find our location by using reference points.


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