174 Troop Week 9

Monday started off with our BFT fitness assessment which was pretty hard as it was our first real booted run we had done as a Troop, however the =Troop achieved all round good times which allowed the majority to see their fitness improvements.

Tuesday was another assessment day which was the multi stage fitness test also known as the bleep test, followed by press-ups, sit-ups and pull ups. We had to perform well as we were being followed by a Wk 3 Troop.

Wednesday was a gym pass out run through which was very hard as we had two full camp circuits the majority of the Troop got close two or under three minutes which was good as the PTI was happy with that performance. We also had a First Aid assessment which allowed the Troop to learn how to administer battlefield first aid in a wartime and peacetime situation. We also learned how to apply CPR a very useful skill to learn.

Thursday started off with a relaxed swimming session involving stretching which allowed us to loosen up before gym pass out. The evening was a gym pass out run through.
Friday was gym pass out which was a hard PT session which everyone passed, it had IMF, Team games, Liveners and another camp circuit for the people going for superiors.
Later on we had interval drill pass out which involved the whole Troop being inspected and then completing interval drill pass out.

Saturday started with rounds which were up to the required standard, the Troop then had LSW talks and lesson which were informative. Saturday night was good as it was the first time we went out properly to have a few drinks to relax before Ex Hunter’s Moon.

Sunday was a relaxed day with only a trip to church.


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