174 Troop Week 11 + 12

Week 11/12 Straight Point

We started off the week getting a new Troop sergeant (Sgt Llewellyn) and deployed to Straight Point Ranges to commence our shooting package.

Monday we had a day on the gallery range at 100m getting our rifles zeroed. The week started off badly with lads making mistakes on the range resulting in remedial PT. In the evening we spent time on the DCCT range which is an electronic indoor range practising the correct drills and as practising our positions.

Tuesday morning our PTI came to teach us regains ready for us to start bottom field after Christmas. The rest of the day was spent on the range getting our groupings and points of aim for 100/200/300m from prone/standing/kneeling positions ready for the ETR range later on in the week. This was another bad day for the Troop resulting in some Military remedial training.

On the Weds we started the practise ACMT shoots on the ETR range. Some of the lads had issues moving to new targets with their points of aims. In the evening we had our 1st map reading test and our 2nd military knowledge test.

On the Thursday we had another PT session refining our technique for regains and starting to our techniques for fireman carries. It was another day on the ETR ranges refining our techniques and position in breaking down the ACMT so we know what was coming up.

The Friday morning we had our first 2 mile speed march ready for our 4 miler after Christmas. This was with 21lbs of weight in our webbing and rifles. Lads struggled with this speed march and realised it is a lot about technique. On the range we went through the ACMT all the way through ready for Monday.

Saturday the range was closed due to high winds. So we spent a couple of hours in the DCCT range and then came back to camp allowing the lads to chill out until Sunday evening.

Monday morning our PTI came out again and we did fireman carries over the 200m distance ready for bottom field and completed a few rope climbs and regains. Monday was when the shooting really started as the we had our criteria ACMT test. For some lads it’s was a straight pass and ready for marksman, but for others it was many hours on the range firing many rounds and getting their rifles nice and carbonated.

Tuesday morning we had our second speed march progressing to 3.5 miles round the camp site where straight point was based. On the ETR range we progressed to the 400m shoot from prone this was completed on the 300m point using a 400m representation target. The evening was spent on the DCCT doing a CBRN shoot with our respirators.

Weds was really a clean up day round straight with a little CQB shoot on the 25m range due to high winds stopping us doing a full programme. In the afternoon we came back to camp to clean our kit.

Thursday was a admin day around the accommodation and stores ready for Christmas leave.


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