172 Troop Week 16



Having finished Week 15, 172 Troop has now completed Phase One of Royal Marines Commando training. This is a major milestone in our training and the gravity of this is not lost on the troop. Phase One has provided us with the vital skills and knowledge required to undertake Royal Marines training and despite losing lads along the way, the experiences we have shared have brought the troop closer together.

The 2nd September 2013 seems a long time ago when 54 strangers got off the platform at Lympstone Commando. And though the first couple of foundation weeks seemed to last an eternity, the weeks have flown by since. We have been challenged all along the way and though at times it has brought us to near breaking point, the sense of achievement once we have completed a task outweighs this.

There have been numerous highlights in our training during Phase One; however most of the lads would pick out achieving a distinction at gym pass out and the two weeks we spent at straight point learning to fire as the highlights of our training so far.

We have learned so much during Phase One, however the troop are under no illusions that everything we have accomplished so far has been to prepare us for what awaits us in Phase Two. This is something the troop is definitely excited for because this is what we joined up to do! Roll on Phase Two…


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