171 Troop Week 20

Week 20

So week 20 began with bottom field pass out. I think it’s safe to say all the lads in the troop were feeling apprehensive but quietly confident after the previous weeks ‘crash’ training and successful mock pass out. Although the session was supposedly one of the easiest we would encounter, everyone was feeling the nerves in their legs. The pass out went well with all but a few in the troop getting a pass. Another test down!

We also had a couple of days learning skills from the AE’s this week. We received lectures and practical periods on the construction of razor wire fences, sand bag walls and barbed wire entanglements. Mine awareness and detecting drills were also taught and the whole troop seemed to take it all on board and enjoy the two days with the AE team. CBRN tests were also on the agenda this week with a written exam taking place on Thursday and a few practical periods to hone in our skills taught to us over the last several weeks.

All in all another good week for the troop, not least to the fact that Christmas leave starts this week! I know myself and all the lads are looking forward to a good rest, ready to come back and crack on with our final stint of training.

Sadly we also lost two strong members this week to the mercy of bottom field but they have the support of the whole of 171 behind them and we wish them luck with the challenges they have ahead.


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