171 Troop Week 17

Week 17

This week the whole Troop travelled to Bovington to complete the Viking training package. Over the two days we spent at Bovington, on Stanley Barracks, we were given a few lectures on what the ASG (Armoured Support Group) do and how they support troops on the ground. We were also taught a little bit about the vehicles and had a chance to have a look around them.

Later on in the day we had lectures on using the life jacket and shark re-breather system we would be using the following morning in the pool. It was important that we all paid attention to these lectures and safety briefs as we would be travelling over water on the training ground in the back of the Vikings. A lot of the lads, me included, were quite apprehensive about this.

The next day started with a session in the swimming pool, getting hands on with the shark re-breather and getting used to operating it correctly. To pass this we had to pull ourselves along under water on some ropes, breathing only through the re-breather bag.

Later that day we all loaded up into the Vikings and travelled to the area of Bovington nicknamed “the pond” to conduct exit and entering drills. We then crossed the water before doing the escape drill. After all the drills were completed we headed back to Stanley Barracks to clean the Vikings and start our journey back to CTCRM.

This week was a good week in training, an enjoyable one, doing something a little different and getting off camp to go to another base. One week closer to the final goal.


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