169 Troop Week 20

169 Troop Diary

Week 20 meant only one thing for 169 Troop; it was our turn to endure Bottom Field Pass out. We all knew that passing this would enable us to advance onto the next stage of training. In order to succeed we had to conduct one full rope climb, the assault course in less than 5 minutes, a 200m fireman’s carry in less than 90 seconds and finally one rope regain. Throughout all of this we were wearing our webbing and our rifles on our backs, totalling 32 lbs in weight.
The Troop did exceptionally well, with only 3 members failing the first attempt. Re-runs were conducted throughout the rest of the week and thankfully everyone passed. Monday ended with us being introduced to the assault engineers, who showed us how to properly fill and also correctly place a sandbag, as well as how to build various razor-wire fences.

On Tuesday the Troop faced another important step in recruit training – the Adjutant’s inspection. This took place on the parade square and required us to be immaculately dressed in drill uniform, with a perfectly clean weapon. Unfortunately, this was not traditionally a strong point for 169 Troop, as two-thirds of the troop failed the First Drill’s inspection. However, this time round only 3 recruits failed the inspection and thus had to re-parade at 2000hrs later that evening as a consequence.

On Wednesday we had drill, where we began to learn different arms drill movements. Later that day we went with the assault engineers where we were then introduced to mines- learning for example, about the different types of mine and what you would do if you were to find yourself in a mine-field.

Thursday was spent having lots of CBRN lectures building up to Friday which concluded with the Troop taking the CBRN written test and final practical lectures. This also signalled the end of our CBRN package during recruit training.

On Saturday our only detail before being thinned out for the weekend was an endurance circuit on the bottom field, which consisted of laps around the assault course, wading through the tank and monkey bar ogin, the low and high obstacles and running full circuits of the entire bottom field. This was a hang out at the time but as we all know by now…you always feel better for it when you finish!


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