169 Troop Week 17

169 Troop – Wk 17 Diary

Week 17 started off fairly easy for 169 Troop as we conducted a small signals serial around camp, this was nothing new and the Troop completed it issue free. Monday afternoon was taken up by a small session on the bottom field, this was a mock bottom field passout and the Troop performed well. On Tuesday morning the Troop had a three hour session on the bottom field, followed by several lectures on Troop and Section attacks. At the end of the day the Troop was thinned out and we cracked on with our normal routine, of washing, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.
The next evolution was to travel to Bovington to conduct Viking drills, this involved underwater re-breather drills, emergency escape drills and learning how to camouflage a Viking quickly and effectively. The Troop returned on Thursday night with high morale and tired eyes because everyone enjoyed there time at Bovington. Friday was a short day filled with lectures on the different types of operations until mid afternoon. The working week came to an end on Saturday morning after an early morning swim and CQC session.


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