168 Troop Week 25


Standby to beach

By far the wettest week so far for the sunshine troop, starting with a day on the various amphibious vessels that the Royal Marines possess. Beside a little dip to practice re-righting a capsized RIB, the experience of being part of a beach assault was remarkable. The presence of a BBC film crew required a variety of footage which meant that 168 Troop was extremely well practised in ORC and RIB assaults from hip deep water onto the beach.

The rest of the week was based around sea survival and fire fighting on board a ship. The course gave us an insight into how to survive in the worst case situation, and also a look at life after CTC as we stayed on a Navy base. A treat of a break from CTC, but by the time we knew it we were back on camp undergoing UGL lectures and taking part in an LMG shoot on the 25m range.

This week has given us a glimpse of life after training, both worst case scenario and the benefits of life at a unit. With the progression into the Commando Course on Monday following a 6 mile speed march, 168 Tp can look forward to a week on camp to prepare themselves for what will be the hardest part of training.


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