176 Troop Week 5



The week started by going up on Woodbury common for Ex QUICK COVER. On the first day we learnt how to camouflage ourselves and our kit. Some people struggled with this simple concept with Rct Bell not realising that reindeer were not indigenous to Devon and Rct Murphy not a student of the ‘less is more’ school of thought. By this time darkness had set in so we set up our harbour, I shared with Rct. Rush. Monday night was particularly cold on sentry with our early morning kit muster frosting within a matter of minutes. The morning kit muster was inspected by all the training team members that accompanied us. Fortunately for the sake of this diary, but to my disappointment and shame, I failed my inspection. Tuesday was filled with a number of lectures introducing us to cam and concealment and an afternoon of firing blanks in a CQB introduction. The second night was much more tactical with our ponchos set up in a triangular formation with a similar sentry to the night before; each member taking it in turn to do an hours watch from a tactically chosen spot.

I felt the second morning was still cold enough to deem it suitable to wear everything my Bergen carried bar my gortex and sleeping bag. Despite this I still failed my kit muster along with a further 6 recruits. Wednesday is best remembered for the CQB lane where we were led in pairs through a wooded area as if on patrol, springing into action when an ‘enemy’ came into view, using our training from the past few days. Friday was our troop’s family day and the start of our first long weekend. The day was filled with expectation, anticipation and nervous excitement. The drill session went fairly well except for a few minor blips such as Rct Sinclairs saluting the wrong way…nice one! Our gym session went slightly better although not to our usual standard.
The week’s final delight came with treating our families to the wonders of galley food. The families all put on a similar face to that made when a fond relative gives you a naff present at Christmas – ‘oh a lime green book warmer…great!’


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