176 Troop Week 4



The end of week 3 saw the last of the infamous “lumi tabs” for 176 troop. No longer the junior troop at CTCRM, the recruits have started to feel more settled and ready to start training for real soldiering tasks, in the field, with weapons and in the gym. After a Sunday break 176 troop found ourselves back on our spots for IMF. By now the gym routine is becoming more familiar and this week saw the addition of two new exercises; the make fast on the ropes and the introduction of the beam. As always it pays to stay attentive in the gym as it is here where essential skills for bottom field are learnt, furthermore it is no good for anyone to be falling from the ropes!

Week 4 also saw the recruits deploy into the field for one night on Woodbury Common for Exercise EARLY NIGHT. The first exercise on Woodbury Common was the first time 176 took our rifles into the field and was met with good enthusiasm by the recruits. The exercise covered the basics of living and thriving, and not merely existing in the field. Here we were shown how to administrate ourselves and our essential kit. Although it is a short exercise, the skills covered are important especially later on in training when we’ll deploy into the field for much longer periods, it is no good carrying a rifle that is dirty and have stoppages. In addition to this 176 were taught the duties of a sentry and this was conducted throughout the night under the guidance of the training team. The next morning the troop assembled near the harbour location to lay a kit muster. This is a specific way of laying out field kit for inspection. Here all the essential kit we had brought into the field, including ourselves, was inspected with most of the troop passing first time.
The week concluded on a high with the entire troop passing their weapon handling tests first time. This means we now know how to safely handle our rifles and deal with any stoppages, which qualifies us to fire both blank and live rounds, of which will be used during the next exercise taking place in week 5, Exercise QUICK COVER.


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