176 Troop Week 3



Week three starts with a positive; we have finally moved out of foundation! No longer are we a single room of 50 recruits, we have split up into rooms of 6. Although we are still learning a lot, it seems to have slowed (if only) a little from the craziness of foundation. As we start to learn the program, and how to ‘play the game’, our troop is settling into training well. Even the ironing seems to get done faster too!

As we started working through week three we got introduced to many new things to start our transformation into Royal Marines. The first of which is working on our skills with the SA80 5.56 cal rifle. After learning the initial characteristics of the rifle, we started learning about marksmanship principles, and how the correct firing position is imperative. We also learnt how important proper care and cleaning of the rifle is. After learning the fundamentals of the rifle, we then could go on the start learning the drills needed to pass our Weapon Handling Tests next week.

The phys stepped up a lot more this week too. Not only did we have to do more rope climbs, more work in the pool, but we also got introduced to RMCC. The first session of Royal Marines Close Combat training took a lot out of us, as it involved a whole session of ultimately learning how to fall over correctly. Although the first session was tough (surprisingly, falling over for a few hours hurts a fair amount, even on mats} the second session was a lot better, learning about how to get into and out of different positions and situations.

Just as to be expected, all the work we had been doing previous to week three increased as well. We had lectures, now encompassing corps history and military law. Our drill sessions had also got harder, learning new skills in marching. We also learnt how to pack out Bergens correctly and create a proper kit muster in the field. The kit muster would be tested the following week in the field on exercise Early Night.

All in all, training has been going well. Without doubt, it has been the hardest thing I have done in my life, but so far it seems like definitely the perfect thing for me. As the troop starts to work together more, we’re beginning to get closer and feel like a family. And finally, a few more hours sleep every night has been good!


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