168 Troop Week 24



With only two weeks to go until we enter the Commando Phase of training, 168 Tp had a taster of two of the Commando tests – the Endurance Course and the Tarzan Assault Course. It was an insight into what we have ahead of us and what we will battle through as a troop.

The majority of the week was spent mastering the LMG for our upcoming shoot next week. With only a few problems, all of which were solved with a sprint to the motivational tree, this was a definite treat for 168 Tp before tackling the 12 mile load carry. As an experience, the 12 mile load carry was not the worst thing we have endured at CTC, but still not easy. It did let us consolidate our memories of crawling through various puddles on Woodbury Common, with each man recalling his own personal favourite. As we shuffled into CTC with the accommodation in sight we could almost feel the warm showers calling to us. Except we did not head for the showers but towards the estuary where the tide was on its way out. What followed was some rugby and team games, with the training team joining in to even out the sides. An absolute great laugh with smiles and laughs stronger than any amount of thick mud pulling at your boots.

The end of the troop also saw the loss of our troop sergeant on draft, who has taught each and every one of us the true definition of ‘Stand By’ that will be missed and forever feared.


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