168 Troop – Week 22-23


WEEK 22 – 23


By far the most challenging and blurred weeks of training so far. It started with a three day adventure training package in which we sampled the more relaxed part of life in the Royal Marines. Whoever said surfing in the snow isn’t fun hasn’t lived!

The majority of the week was focused on Exercise VIOLENT ENTRY, a confirmation exercise in which our performance of the skills that we have been taught in Phase 2 were assessed. The very words ‘violent entry’ will forever cause a jerk reaction of mixed emotions to any recruit at CTC.

The exercise began with an insertion yomp prior to attacking and controlling a village. During our stay under hard cover numerous recces and night attacks were conducted. We then progressed to bivvying out in woodblocks in order to attack the enemy in a variety of situations.

Every aspect of what we have learnt so far has been tested. Regardless of the difficulties, when I can see a fellow recruit, who has spent the previous 24 weeks battling through training, firing hundreds of rounds of link on an enemy position the aches fade and are replaced with an overwhelming sensation of pride and excitement.


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