175 Troop – Week 3

175 Troop – Week 3

On completion of our two weeks in foundation, the Troop were really looking forward to moving into F Block and having that bit more room and privacy to themselves. It was surprising how fast we had bonded over the first two weeks, for example the lads had started calling each other by their actual names instead of “mate”. Now that we are in rooms spilt into Sections we have found ourselves becoming more and more competitive against each other as Sections. Often instigating this competitive spirit you will find one of our section Corporals; Cpl Lutley, Cpl Ross, Cpl Stannett or Cpl Weatherill.

The training has really started to ramp up physically and mentally but still has that enjoyable edge to it. The past week we have spent a lot of time learning weapons drills and safety regulations until it becomes muscle memory and we can do it without thinking. Gym has also been challenging with new routines to learn nearly everyday for example perfecting the rope climbing technique and camp circuits however doing all this while having to worry about the PTI’s ingenious ways to push our body’s to their physical limits if we mess up.

At the end of week 3 the whole Troop was buzzing as we were getting our lumi tabs off and gained that extra bit of responsibility and respect from Troops further on in training than us. Although having said this we were politely reminded by the training team that if we messed up then the lumi tabs would be re-issued quite easily at the drop of a hat. Which highlights you always have to be on your toes.

To sum up the last week I’d say one of the main things that the Troop has learnt as a whole is that no matter what the training team are usually always right. That said, they are humble, but we have learned that the faster we learn everything that is required, the easier training will be for us. We have also learnt to keep our humour because no matter what, we need it to fuel us through the harder times and set us up for what is to come.

So far we are all looking forward to what is ahead…

RCT Adair, 1 Section, 175 Troop


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