174 Troop Week 8

Troop Diary

Week 8

Rct Newman

Week eight for 174 Troop consisted of a number of various different activities both on and off camp. The main focuses for the week have been progressing and honing our map reading and navigational skills, survival training in preparation for Exercise Hunters Moon and our week nine gym pass out. Navigation teaching has been conducted in both the lecture room and practically on Woodbury common. The Troop as a whole seemed to have grasped the use of compass and grid bearings and enjoyed the exercise given to us by the training team orienteering around Woodbury with a march back to camp.

In preparation for our next key exercise Hunters Moon the Troop spent a day with the Mountain leaders (ML’s) and were taken through our introduction to basic survival skills. The ML’s are notorious for there hardened approach to teaching and as the Troop had been warned by the previous Troop, remedial phys would be handed out for not being alert in lectures or failing to listen. Most importantly a clean clasp knife was a must. The Troop pulled through with the clasp knifes and no extra phys was required. The Troop as a whole enjoyed the day with the ML’s and all felt they had learnt key lessons that we will all have to put into practice. Another main focus for the Troop has been preparing for our week nine Gym Pass-Out. Determined to pass with a good score the Troop have been pushing themselves up the ropes, around the beam and around the dreaded camp circuit, Whilst hard at the time the Troop know that this extra hard work will be rewarding in the long run, as passing gym pass out will mean we can progress to the bottom field and out of the gym. A day the Troop are looking forward to!


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