174 Troop Week 6

Troop Diary

Week 6

Rct Smith

We came back after Family’s Day feeling bright and happy. Morale was high and we felt ready to take on the next 7 weeks up until Christmas leave. It seemed that this was not the case. The next day gym went poorly with placed us in the PTI’s bad books. The Trg Team were made aware by the PTI which caused concerns within the Tp, potentially fearing a Mud Run or some extra routine. We started off Tuesday determined to prove ourselves and began with a day of lectures-this was not our chance really. Wednesday started off with a 5 mile run and a continuation of Tuesdays map reading with the Troop Commander and First Aid. We had potentially our best IMF session that afternoon, where we think we managed to redeem ourselves with the PTI’s, with 6 rope climbs.

We started rifle shooting Thursday which all the lads seemed excited for, I know I was. We had a good day on the ranges until we found some of the lads had trouble counting off the number of shots they had taken. We also found out that on a whole the lads had managed some accurate grouping. After a few rough and busy days, it was nice to have an early finish Friday and on Saturday we move into our new accommodation. The highlight of the week though was being part of the Remembrance Sunday Parade in front of families and the commandant. Every Troop and rank on camp attended to pay our due respects, it was a very proud day and I’m glad I was apart of it.

I believe we work well as a Troop, but there is always room to improve as was apparent throughout this week. I enjoy training, and it will be interesting to see what Ex Marshal Star and the weeks ahead will bring.


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