174 Troop Week 5

Week 5

Rct Guthrie

Week 5 began with a fairly straight forward 4 mile run, as a Troop around the local roads. This is to get the Troop familiar to running in step and to begin preparation for speed marches. For a Monday morning everyone was in good spirits as we knew that later we would be starting ‘Exercise Quick Cover’ which had a lot in stock for us.

On returning from the run we had a quick lecture briefing us on the upcoming exercise then straight to packing. The first day of the exercise was about camouflage and concealment, target acquisition, observation, fire and manoeuvre, and RTR. The principles of cam and con were to use nature to blend into the environment, or make ourselves look like a bush. The fire and manoeuvre was interesting and the whole Troop was keen to start firing blanks and put their work into practice.

In the evenings we set up our usual harbour position and got a sentry list going. We also had a chance to try our morning routine but we would also have field kit inspections in the morning.

Day two of Ex Quick Cover consisted of more cam and con and more fire and manoeuvre with individual run through’s it felt good finally firing the rifles. During the day we had lectures on navigation and map reading in preparation for the next exercise.

After some remedial phys and another night in the field everyone was just about ready to return to the accommodation but first we had to complete a 5 mile yomp back as a Troop.

Wednesday was spent de servicing our field kit and cleaning our rifles properly now that we had fired them properly this took all evening but the Troop was still in good spirits as we had families’ day coming up. So Thursday was spent doing run through’s of what we would do on families day we also passed our battle swim test.

Come Friday morale was high everyone was keen to go home and relax but we still had a drill and PT session to do to impress our families and that’s exactly what we did.


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