174 Troop Week 4

Week 4

Recruit White

We had just begun to settle in to the new accommodation as week 4 started. As previously said the standards have increased here, as the Troop found out Monday morning, failing a locker inspection first thing. Consequently putting us behind on a personal admin before the week had even started. The week would consist of numerous lectures, prevention of injuries, coping with loss and most importantly on Woodbury Common as we would be spending our first night in Woodbury this week on Exercise First Step.

Ex First Step consisted of one night in Woodbury Common and taught us the basics of personal administration in the field. From learning how to cook rations, to how to wash in the field. We also got a taste of the famous Woodbury rash. On completion of First Step we had a 4 mile march back to CTCRM, the first chance for many lads to experience marching with weight.

On arrival at CTCRM we was shown how to de-service our field kit, followed with another inspection the following morning, which once again we failed to impress the Trg Team. At this point it came apparent to the Troop that we had pushed the training team one step to far. The following evening we were told to prepare for CQC (Close Quarter Combat) which some how turned out to be a surprise mud run. If there was any doubts if we had pushed the training team one step to far, they were definitely shattered as we was crawling through the mud.

The mud run can either be scheduled to be a bit of fun or remedial, unfortunately for our Troop it was the later. Even though it was used as punishment it also had a positive effect on the Troop, increasing morale in the Troop and getting our minds back on track to why we are here.

At the end of the week we all had our Weapon Handling Tests which everyone passed on the day, this now allows us to fire blanks on exercise and to use the ranges. This test was also criteria meaning we had to pass it to continue on with training. The up coming week looks to be promising with our first ‘real’ ex and families day approaching.


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