174 Troop Week 2 and 3

Week 2

Rct Brearley

After the initial shock of capture, our environment and new daily routine started to sink in and the troop slowly started to connect. However a few of us are still learning about timings and inspections with extra “correctional PT”. Sadly this will not make the gym any easier as it gets progressively more arduous. Throughout the week we learnt new skills in the gym, the field and also our lockers, where we have all grown to love globe and laurelling our rigs. Of course never forgetting the endless mountains of ironing. You could say at this point the mark 2 Phillips steam iron was the deadliest weapon handled so far!

After a brief stint ashore, the first moment of personal time all week, we started the week again with the usual morning rounds and inspection first thing in the morning. From there we went to drill where the banter is as always first class with our DL Cpl Lock, however one sided as it may seem!

Carrying out a PT session is now a daily routine which is for everyone nerve wracking before hand, but the moment we are finished everyone is just buzzing for scran, a favourite time for most of the lads!

Our first night in the field, “exercise early night” was in some ways hoofing, however “wet and dry routine” will take some getting used to. Although as the training team suggests, it will never be something to be looked forward to.

Next week promises to present new challenges, some such as the weapons handling are to be looked forward to, others including the aerial acrobatics of the “make fast” promise to push some of us out of the comfort zone. Looks like 174 Troop are going to really have to get a grip of themselves, in more ways than one.

Week 3

Rct Child

We started week 3 of training in our new accommodation. Just like foundation there is an inspection of the lockers every morning; however the standards are even higher. Week 3 also consists of a lot of lectures such as fire safety and military law. The Military law lecture is all about the connection between civilian law and military, something the recruits needed to pay close attention to.

In the PT sessions the demands on the Troop have picked up with the introduction of the make fast on the ropes. This is where you climb to the halfway point of the ropes and listening to the commands of the PT end up clinging to the rope with nothing but your legs, arms held out wide. In our swimming sessions we have traded our swimming trunks for full PCS rig, to help us prepare for the Battle Swim Test in a few weeks time, an assessment consisting of a high jump, swim and treading water whilst in full battle order including weapon and webbing.

Our PTI’s also introduced the Troop to Close Quarter Combat. This is a very serious aspect of training, considering we are being taught to kill with our bare hands (as a last option) to save our own lives, or that of an oppo.

The Troop also had more time on the drill square this week, learning to salute and slow march, incredibly important parts of military drill. Perhaps the most poignant moment for the Troop was finally getting their hands on the SA80, practising weapon drills, firing stances and stripping/cleaning the rifles.


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