172 Troop Week 12



Week 12 saw 172 troop back on the ranges again. This week was our test week where we all had to pass the Annual Combat Military Test (ACMT). Monday saw us move back into the hard cover grots at straight point ranges and then onto the 400m range where we shot from the prone position. After a few of the lads had another go because their scores weren’t that great we moved onto the ETR range again to go through the practise shots again. Little did we know that this shoot was actually the ACMT that we were all worried about! All the lads shot and eventually after a couple of goes (Recruit Bailey – IC of all the lads who went 5 times!) everyone got through what we thought was the practise…

The training team told us after the shoot that it was the ACMT and that 11 lads had gained a good enough score for marksmanship badge which was awesome and a good morale boost because any number apparently in double figures is a good number! I shot 58/64 but unfortunately didn’t have enough rounds in the last magazine I was given meaning that I dropped two rounds in the last shoot and ultimately failing the test… I got given a second go and passed but because I had to take two attempts I would not be receiving a marksman badge. A little bit gutted but happy for all the lads who gained a badge!

After a good days shooting and knowing the ACMT was out the way we sort of, as a troop, went into relax mode for the rest of the week. We were still alert but knowing that the ACMT was out the way we could start having a good time with our rifles during the remaining shoots and the CQB shoots we had coming up.

The next few days were pretty decent because we got to do some close quarter shooting. This is different from normal shooting as you are obviously closer to the enemy and can get some precise shots in, especially round the head area which everyone seemed to enjoy doing! Hammer pairs, controlled pairs and a failure drill were taught to us and that is what we were to practise along with pivot turns for the rest of the week.

This week was another good week for 172 Troop as we all passed our ACMT, got 11 marksmen in the troop and had the trip to Normandy coming up on the Friday which everyone was buzzing for!!

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