169 Troop Week 18

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169 Troop diary
Week 18 – Second Empire

Week 19 was an exercise week, a week in which we learnt a lot more of the actual soldiering techniques required for an Operational Royal Marine. Starting with a coach ride into the area, we proceeded to insert and set up a well-defended and more tactical harbour than previous exercises, but the troop enjoyed the feel of a more professional role as appose to the basic set ups on other exercises. The exercise provided another good teach, involving section attacks and techniques along 5 designated positions with actual enemy, which was again a good change of pace.
The rest of the exercise had the Troop conducting clearance patrols, ambush recces, ambush set ups and executions and finally a large scale Troop attack lead by a Young Officer. The final day concluded with an 8km yomp back to RM Chivenor from the harbour position after a hasty move from the position.
There were only two points on the exercise that were apparent. The first being the honking weather, of which a majority of the Troop had to hold the bivi’s’ down in order to remain covered, and the second being the final day hasty move, which highlighted a lot of floors with regards to routine of a hasty move. The troop seems to be willing and eager to learn from all mistakes made, and we refuse to allow the mistakes happen again.
All in all, a good and very beneficial week.


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