This, like most weeks at CTC, has been a roller coaster of emotion – even more so this week due to the Remembrance Parade and bottom field pass out.

The week started on the Bottom Field, in perfect conditions for the troop to battle against the four aspects: rope climb, assault course, fireman’s carry, and regain. Needless to say, it was another hang out followed by utter relief that it is now over and physical training is now focused towards the Commando Tests.

The majority of the week was spent with the Assault Engineers learning how to set up perimeters and the devastating effects of mines and claymores. Any energy left within the Troop was used in the inter section football competition. I can proudly say that 3 Section were victorious, winning a trip into the tank.

Shadowing all of these events was the Remembrance Parade held at CTCRM with the entire camp on the drill square. If the sound of hundreds of boots beating the ground in perfect timing wasn’t enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up then the speeches on the importance of this day certainly would. Combined with the Union Flag fluttering next to the Royal Marine flag, this was a truly remarkable day that will not be forgotten.


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