164 Troop Week 28



Often nicknamed ‘Cheeky Week’ by recruits, the weeks evolutions certainly lived up to its unofficial title!

The week consisted of 2 run-throughs of both the Endurance Course, which consists of 2 miles of bogs and tunnels, followed by a 4 mile run back to camp, and a 25 metre shoot at a simulated 100m target; And 2 run-throughs of the Tarzan Assault course, an aerial ropes course 30ft off the ground in the tree canopy of the Commando Training Centre followed by the bottom field assault course and a 30ft wall climb. All of which needed to be completed carrying 21lbs and a rifle.

These 2 tests form half of the commando tests, the challenge all recruits must pass in sequence to earn their green berets.

Recruit Spruce


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