164 Troop Week 26

Monday of week 26 saw 164 Troop embark on their 6 mile speed march to earn the right to wear the coveted cap comforter, infamously worn by the founding members of the first commando units, enabling the Troop to enter the Commando phase of training. The troop demonstrated a strong performance leading to the entire troop passing the test.

Tuesday was spent with the Mountain Leaders, a specialist group in mountain reconnaissance and warfare, as the title suggests, the troop were put through their paces on cliff faces both ascending and descending by the means of abseiling simulating both attack and withdrawal from battle where vertical obstacles are met as a result of an amphibious assault.

The latter end of the week was spent on battle preparation for the troops Final Exercise, packing kit and equipment for personal use as well as receiving orders from Troop Commander and training team on various aspects of the exercise.

Insertion to the training area that would host the troop in the initial stages of the exercise was done so by means of helicopter. The Troop’s first insight to aerial deployment on the Air Forces workhorse, the Chinook. The exercise is a criteria test to confirm all skills learnt throughout the duration of training, which encompasses all aspects of basic and advanced Infantry soldiering, as well as a great deal of yomping, a means of carrying full operational gear long distances on foot across difficult terrain. A Royal Marines speciality!

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