164 Troop Week 25

This week was looking to hopefully be one of the best weeks in training so far basically doing the stuff we joined up to do. The week started with us travelling to Jupiter point in Plymouth to conduct amphibious training.

This training started with a rather cold dip in the ‘oggin’ learning capsize drills in the Zodiac which is an inflatable raiding craft used mainly for inshore raiding parties. We then went and had a few lectures on three different types of landing craft once the lectures were done it was on to training on the three different landing craft carrying out disembarking and embarking drills at day and night. A rather long day with most of it spent wet but still rather enjoyable never the less.

Tuesday was morning just spent sorting out admin and stores for exercise Final Thrust, the last time we’ll go in the field in training so it was important that everything was ready to go for when we deployed. We departed for Portsmouth on Tuesday evening to HMS Collingwood where we would be staying for two days whilst we conducted sea survival training and a fire fighting courses. These two days were enjoyable and were very informative; also it was good to get off camp for a bit. We travelled back to camp on Thursday evening and prepared our kit for a day on the range the following morning.

Friday first thing we headed to the armoury to collect the LMGs (Light Machine Guns) ready to live fire them on the 25m range located next to bottom field. We all got a chance to fire different round burst at different targets and a chance to carry out the stoppage and reload drills we were taught the week previous. All in all it was a pretty chilled out week and no one messed up majorly on the shoot so the week ended on a high.

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