169 Tp week 15

169 Troop
Week 15 Diary

We started the week with CBRN decontamination drills; this was interesting and took the edge off not yet knowing our Baptist run results. That afternoon ended with circuits during our phys session. The phys was taken PTI’s on their 2’s course, on completion we then preceded to the assault course with no webbing for an introduction. Later on that day we had our second Signals lesson, learning how to put together a PRC 354 and operate it.

Tuesday morning we were in lectures being instructed on advanced field lessons, i.e. learning how a company in a unit works. We then had a CBRN period, putting our drills to the test in the chamber; our DL came down for some extra morale. Afterwards we were back in the lecture room for more interesting lessons on field craft.

The following morning we were up early polishing our drill brasses and finishing off our rig ready for first drills inspection. Unfortunately the inspection was not up to standard and we had remedial phys in the form of a mud run.

Friday we started the day with arms drills, learning basic movements including the change arms. Afterwards we had phase one pass out awards which was an ideal opportunity to reflect on the previous 15 weeks of training and to set the scene of what was yet to come.


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