169 Tp Week 13

169 TROOP Week 13
Rct Dunn M

Week 13 commenced with a chemical warfare lesson whereby the whole Troop was treated to some CS gas. Chocking, spluttering and the overall sense that a load of hot sandy cat urine had been sprayed in the eyes was the order of the day…hoofing! Cue comedy retching.

On a more comforting note, Tuesday brought us the introduction of Signals. Each Recruit was detailed with writing their own contact report on an event of their choice. It was definitely for the best that Channel 4 News didn’t witness some of the dreamt up scenarios from the lads somewhat warped minds. Frankly the images that Stephens can pluck out of his head are disturbing and as a result the lads have banned him from being around the younger members of the Troop. The best day so far, as far as the Troop was concerned, was the Dunker Drills at RNAS Yeovilton. Escaping from a submerged helicopter, upside down, in the dark – nothing could possibly go wrong…could it Roberts?

Morale was high the next day on the grenade range. It was to my absolute delight that I was the Troop grenade throwing biff. It honestly looked like an 80 year old attempting to throw an anchor. 4 attempts later and I successfully got one to land less than 5 metres away; a loud cheer was said to be heard from the Troop Sergeant swiftly followed by a rant at my new found ‘ability’.

On top of the dunker drills and my hoofing prowess at throwing grenades we had some lads join our Troop, Rct’s Gardiner, Roberts A, May and Wardman, who we obviously embraced with a firm handshake and a hearty pat on the back…


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