168 Tp Week 18



With only Monday morning spent on the bottom field the Troop saw very little if any of CTCRM this week as we tackled Exercise Second Empire. The aim of this exercise was to put into practice section and troop level drills that we had been taught, on a new training area with many, many sand dunes to fire and manoeuvre over.

The exercise tested us against a real enemy on which to unleash our arsenal of smoke, illumination, and trip flares. As much of our time was spent fire and manoeuvring it is not surprising that some recruits nodded off when they shouldn’t. Luckily there were plenty of puddles to recce for those individuals that needed waking up.

The exercise was finished with a 6 mile load carry with full bergans. This experience drove home the importance of a correctly packed bergan. Especially if travelling over sand dunes!

Training has started to become more real now and I am amongst the majority of the Troop who are really enjoying it!


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