168 Tp week 17



With Bottom Field pass out starting to loom on the horizon, it was expected that the sessions would increase in intensity and duration. Combined with Close Quarter Combat training, a few niggles and aches are beginning to arise. Besides battling with the assault course, 168 Troop began to further their knowledge of assault and ambush techniques, all of which will be put into practice on the upcoming Exercise Second Empire.

The main event from the week was Viking training at Bovington Camp. Throughout our time there we progressed through the effectiveness and capability of the machines to escape drills. The escape drills simulated an overturned vehicle using a piece of equipment called a re-breather – a plastic bag that allows an exhaled breath to be re-inhaled, allowing a second breath to be taken underwater. This was a strange experience for most. Once completed, the troop progressed onto the more exciting part, off road capability. Flying over varied terrain, the Vikings are in a world of their own, especially when it comes to river crossing. Never have I placed so much trust in a piece of equipment as the water level rises above the window line in our 11 tonne steel box.

Another week down and another week closer, onwards to Ex Second Empire.


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