168 Tp week 15



The Half Way Point!

With the progression into the tactical phase of training effective communication will be paramount. Luckily, 168 Tp had further signals lectures to revise and enhance their signals skills, and for one recruit to learn how to wear a headset properly!

The start of the week brought a new understanding of the world of pain with a Bottom Field session that tested all of us to our limits. It finished off with a maximum effort around the assault course. To quote one recruit, ‘My lungs are on fire……and I like it.’

Following this we continued our CBRN training in which we enjoyed another trip to the loathed gas chamber. I can report that this exposure was by no means as intense as the first, providing the drills were right.

The main event of the week was the progression to the half way point in training at the end of Phase 1. From this point training becomes harder but more enjoyable (or so we have been told). Regardless of what the future holds for the remaining members of 168 Tp, with only 9 weeks remaining to the start of the Commando Phase we can do nothing more than ‘dig out blind’ and expect to ‘hang out’ at levels we cannot yet imagine.


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