164 Tp Week 21

Week 21

This week was an amazingly fun week following up on our Close Quarter Battle (CQB) lectures. We were given handouts to study prior to the practical days that lay ahead. All week we trained in CQB and were taught how to clear different hallways and rooms before tactically running through a building with blanks and using our knowledge and initiative to clear the building. What the week led up to was using simmunition – which is basically paintball that looks like a real round. Halfway through the week we had to pass an 8 mile load carry in preparation for the load carries on Ex Violent Entry. We all had 69 pounds in our Bergen and webbing in addition to our rifle. Needless to say the yomp was at quite a cheeky pace but no one failed it.

The highlight of the week was at the end with the Troop taking a trip to 40 Commando, Taunton, and assaulting a CQB village. The assault consisted of all we had learned with smoke and flash bang grenades being used. It felt very real and was an awesome feeling taking buildings simultaneously with another section fighting against real enemy. Probably the best week of training to date.

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