1. If such a thing as a relaxed week exists in Recruit Training at CTCRM than this was maybe it. The week began with a Signals exercise in which we learned, and then practised around camp, the language of military communication called Voice Procedure. It was a great way to practise the communication skills we will need to have mastered by the end of the next exercise.

2. Our first sniff of the distant fragrance of Kings Squad Pass-Out came with the fitting of our Lovat uniform – the first time I think we’ve acknowledged that for some of us Pass Out will actually happen (and we’ll get to wear this uniform). All the same, I expect that we’ll have probably lost about 3 Stone per man by then from bottom field and the Commando tests. We’ll probably all need fitting again anyway!

3. The middle of the week was spent at Bovington camp in Dorset with Armoured Support Company. We spent an interesting (and laid back) two days learning about and working from the Viking – the amphibious armoured fighting vehicle used by Royal Marines. Amongst the lectures and training drills, we also received some capability demonstrations and an exhilarating swim test. During this test we had to use the specialist re-breather apparatus which enabled us to escape from a submerged vehicle and navigate a course for 2 minutes under water.

4. The rest of the week was spent at CTCRM undertaking Parade Drill and tactical lectures. Then, on Saturday we had an extended session of RMCQC (Royal Marine Close Quarter Combat) – a form of unarmed combat discipline designed by the RM PTIs for Commandos. This was a particular highlight of the week: learning and practising the techniques/defences for various takedowns and throws. It was made all the more authentic by the specialist US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who aided the coaching process by shouting phrases like: “Son, looks like you just happy rolling over and dying, well? do you want to die!?” … “Err, no Staff – if it’s all the same to you!” All in all, RMCQC is definitely one of the training highlights of Recruit Training at CTCRM.

Recruit HOBBS
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