165 Tp-Week 21

Training Diary-Rct Meehan-165 Tp-Week 21

Week 21 of RM Recruit training has been dominated by learning about Modernised Urban Combat (MUC). This is a new skill for the Troop; we began learning about the principles of MUC and how it originated. MUC is one of the most interesting parts of training so far, learning about Method of Entry and Initiative Based Tactics (IBT). IBT was difficult at first but as we started to progress things became much easier. It was exciting to be able to use our own ideas and see how quickly we improved.

Working on the Rhino rigs with the Assault Engineers was good fun and definitely a bit of free ‘Phys in the bag’. They timed our entries and made a bit of a competition out of the period. The Troop were then able to progress and use the Rhino Rigs in the MUC building. It added a new dimension to the training and really got us thinking.

Towards the end of the week we donned the Star Wars style suits which allowed us to use Marker or Simunition rounds. Using these rounds gave us a good idea of what it may be like to conduct MUC in a real Operational Environment. It gave training a much more realistic feel compared to the blank ammunition we used up to that point.

On Thursday we prepared to conduct our final attack. We were heading down to a realistic training compound to practice our new found skills and drills. All we had to do before hand was complete a 8 Mile Load Carry…

The load carry was easier than we thought and the pace was not to difficult although I did start to feel it in my legs towards the end. We spent the latter half of the Week building up to a final attack in Caerwent training area. It was good to experience an urban environment as this is where we may find ourselves fighting in the future.


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