161 Troop Diary Week 25

161 Troop Diary Week 25

Week 25 is known as ‘Amphibious Week’. On Monday morning we left Lympstone and travelled to Plymouth for a day learning about amphibious warfare from the LCs (Landing Craft Branch). We used three different types of boats – ORCs (Offshore Raiding Craft), IRCs (Inflatable Raiding Craft) and LCVPs (Landing Craft Vehicle Platform). We conducted landings onto the beach using all three of the vehicles. Everyone enjoyed the day and it finished off with landing on the beach at night.

On Tuesday we did LMG (Light Machine Gun) training and had the LMG Weapon Handling Test so that we could do the introductory shoot on Friday. We also covered the UGL (Under Slung Grenade Launcher) for the SA80. We then went to Portsmouth for Sea Survival and Fire Fighting Training. We stayed at HMS Bristol which was an insight to how small living space is abroad ships. We did the sea survival course on Wednesday and fire fighting on Thursday. This two day course is known as ISC and has to be taken to go on ship.

On Friday we were on the 25 metre range shooting the LMG for the first time. After the LMG shoot we cleaned the weapons and got stores ready for the 6 Mile Speed March on Monday morning.

Everyone had a good week and learnt about amphibious assaults and landings as well as sea survival and fire fighting.

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