161 Troop Diary Week 24

161 Troop Diary Week 24

Monday morning was an early start with a trial run-through of the 6 Mile Speed March, which everyone completed. We ran with 15lbs to get us prepared, Hoofing! After completion of the 6 Mile Speed March the Troop had Light Machine Gun (LMG) training, learning to strip and assemble and the immediate actions.

On Tuesday the Troop ran the Endurance Course, which we haven’t visited since PRMC. It showed how much we have progressed as most of the Troop didn’t find it as physically challenging compared to the dreaded PRMC trial run. It felt good re-visiting the start of our career as we were smashing the obstacles in our sections. For the rest of the day the Troop had lectures covering NATO and a start to amphibious training.

We started early again on Wednesday morning due to the heat and the 12 Mile Load Carry the Troop had to complete with a 69lb Bergen and rifle. With the thought of Summer Leave in the backs of our minds, everyone was determined to push to the finish. Another big test ticked off for 161 Troop, well deserved Summer Leave to follow.

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