169 Troop, Week 7

Monday morning began with the IMF which was exactly what the Troop wanted before deploying on Exercise Marshall Star. Later on that morning we had our first military knowledge test which the Troop did not struggle with, as the advice given was if you’re not cheating you’re not trying hard enough.

The Troop deployed at 1200 hours on Monday. Recruit McDonough (Scouse) having forgotten his ankle bungies for cam and concealment was rewarded with some remedial PT.
On the next morning, the day started at 05:00 hrs with the Troop learning to stand-to, after the stand-to the Troop commenced with our normal morning routine, preparing for our kit muster. After some correctional exercises we cracked on with our daily routine of lectures, predominantly on map reading which was finalised with our first individual navigation exercise. That evening we set up the harbour position and commenced our night routine. Next morning we carried our out our kits muster, fortunately the weather was on our side. We learnt how to do re-section with WO1 Booth; the remainder of the day was taken up with stalking, which the whole Troop loved, regardless of crawling through the gorse. Unfortunately Rct Callaghan lost his bayonet during his second stalk which was thankfully found quickly, otherwise the Troop may have found themselves leopard crawling.
Later on that night to the Troops delight we carried out a hasty withdrawal at 23:00 hrs rather than 03:00 hours. After the hasty withdrawal we carried out our first night navigation with zero dramas.

By Thursday fatigue had set in, a 5 mile yomp back to camp enabled all of us to break into a sweat, fortunately everyone managed to make it back. Once we got back we made an attempt at de-servicing our kit. All in all a productive and educational week, definitely our best exercise yet due to the stalking and because we are one week closer to Summer Leave.


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