170 Troop Diary Week 3

170 Troop Diary Week 3

This week has been the first out of the Foundation block and in our Troop accommodation which will be home until we reach the final weeks of training. Morale has been high amongst the Troop having had a chance to relax over the weekend and all looking forward to the big event of the week, Families Day. This gives the chance for our families to come and have a look at what we have been up to since joining and also what we’ve got coming over the course of training. More so than this everyone was looking forward to the promise of a weekend back at home on completion of Families Day on Friday.

The week started off with a number of Corps history lessons delivered by the Troop Drill Instructor, something that the Royal Marines take very seriously in training. We started moving through the history of the Corps all the way back from its birth in 1664, learning the key memorable dates and individuals who were awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest medal for bravery.

We continued progressing through our PT and drill sessions with the main focus being ready for Families Day and the demonstration periods that our families would see. We spent a lot of time on the parade ground practising our marching and military bearing. We also spend a lot of time being inspected to make sure that we had prepared our uniform to the highest standard. This involves standing perfectly still for what feels like hours while the drill instructor checks every last detail, this is a test in itself but has taught us all attention to detail. We have also started rifle lessons to begin to learn everything that we need to know about the SA80, our personal weapon. The lessons are thorough and there is lots to learn to be able to safely handle the weapon correctly. All of the lessons will be building to the weapons handling test which we need to pass before we can start firing blank or live ammunition for real.

Finally, Friday came and Families Day. First on the programme was drill so we marched straight to the parade ground where we had an hour of drill rehearsal before the families were brought over to see us. We were marched on in front of the waiting families and conducted some of the basic drill moves that we had learned both on the move and while still. Once we had done our bit it was a chance for the families to jump up and have a go with us. This gave us all a good laugh and gave our parents and loved ones an idea of how complex marching around correctly really is. Straight after this was completed we then had a quick change in to PT uniform before heading straight to the gymnasium again for a short practice before the families watched a typical PT session. We were all encouraged by the spectators which made us all work harder with almost everyone completing the rope climbs and the session going well.

Finally we were given time to get ready for the weekend before taking our families to lunch in the Galley and having a chance to take them on a short tour of camp. The weather was good and everyone enjoyed getting a chance to see where we have been living and working for the last 3 weeks. When we were all done we headed back home or to friends and relatives for a much needed weekend to relax ready for the next few weeks of training.

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