Test Week

This week was filled to the brim with tests and assessments ranging from functional skills to navigation and everything in between. With summer leave fast approaching the week, like most here, was over in a flash.

It began with the Basic Fitness Test which, wearing boots, proved a good challenge to most. Combined with the bleep test, press ups, pull ups, and sit ups assessment and a full run through of the upcoming gym test an epic hang out ensued. It was interspersed with first aid training, a battlefield first aid exam, CBRN training and ample amounts of drill to complete the week.

However, the main focus of the week was gym pass out, which for some was a LONG time coming. Our performance ‘supplying the blue mat’ and ‘demonstration position’ was deemed to be below par, but 168 Tp’s physical strength shone through to earn us a Superior pass. A relief for most and a sense of massive achievement. When entering the gym for the first time the idea of completing what we have just achieved seemed impossible. However, the environment in which we train, and I vouch for this personally, doesn’t allow for anything less than perfection, regardless of the situation. It is this world that we live in that has begun to mould us and build the recruits of 168 Troop to the standard required to wear the Green Beret.

Summer Leave, T – 5 days.


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