162 Tp – Week 19 Training Diary

162 Tp – Week 19 Training Diary

The troop awoke to week 19 feeling anxious about the days to come as the week is known on the ‘nod vine’ as death by bottom field. On the first session of the week on Monday morning we were quickly briefed up on the crash training circuits we would be conducting. The aim of this type of training, is to conduct the same circuit on consecutive days and try and beat your time/distance from the session before. We all found these sessions very physically challenging as you are continuously trying to push yourself and better your times .
The week also saw the troop being introduced to the infamous GPMG (general purpose machine gun), one of the Corps’ favourite weapon systems. We conducted various lessons in how to operate the weapon system. This included loading and firing, remedying stoppages and stripping and cleaning the weapon. The following days were filled with more crash training and weapon training. Later on in the week we had our introduction shoot on the GPMG. The shoot took place on the 25m range on the bottom field. This gave us an excellent insight into how the weapon works and how powerful it is. It is safe to say we are all relieved to have this weapon on our side.
It has been an enjoyable week at CTC for 162 troop. We are now focusing on week 20 which includes two very important evolutions. Bottom Field Pass Out and the Adjutant’s Inspection.

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