161 Troop Diary Week 20

161 Troop Diary Week 20

Monday morning saw 161 Troop awake to an important day in recruit training – Bottom Field Passout. A key milestone in training, the bottom field passout requires recruits to conduct a 1 full rope climb, the assault course in under 5 minutes, a 200m fireman’s carry in under 90 seconds and finally one rope regain. Not to mention the whole time recruits are carrying their webbing and rifle on their backs, totalling 32lbs in weight. We faired well, with only 3 members of the Troop failing. Re-runs were conducted throughout the week and unfortunately we would go on to lose two of the three lads. Monday finished with us being introduced to the assault engineers. They showed us how to properly erect razor-wire fencing and the proper filling and placement of a sandbag.

On Tuesday, 161 Troop awoke to yet another important step in recruit training – the Adjutant’s inspection. This was conducted on the parade square and required us to be immaculately dressed in drill uniform, with a perfectly clean weapon. This turned out to be a mixed bag of results for the Troop. 12 members failed this inspection and consequently had their weekend leave taken from them.

Wednesday began with drill, where we began to learn arms drill on the move. We found this to be interesting and also enjoyable once we began to get to grips with it. Wednesday afternoon was spent with the assault engineers. We were introduced to mines. We learnt about the different types of mine, indicators that mines are nearby and how to react if you find yourself in a mine-field.

The Troop had a number of CBRN lectures on Thursday. These lectures were important as on Friday we would be sitting our CBRN written test. We also did an endurance circuit on the bottom field. This circuit involved getting very wet, but given that the skies were blue and the temperature was in the mid 20s, jumping in the water was the Troop’s best way of keeping cool and was welcomed by all.

We were treated to a few hours on the beach on Friday. We played volleyball, rugby and took many opportunities to swim in the ocean. These few hours on the beach were a massive morale boost to the Troop. Friday concluded with the Troop taking the CBRN written test and final practical lectures. This also meant the end to our CBRN package during recruit training, which has been thoroughly enjoyable. To finish the working week, the Troop had a swimming session on Saturday morning. It was a short-sharp swim circuit that we all enjoyed, before being thinned out to enjoy the rest of our weekend.


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