159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 28

159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 28

This week has been an eye opener for many of the lads in 159 Tp. We have started to prepare for the Commando Tests; this is going to be a significant challenge for all of us. During this week we have completed timed runs of the Endurance Course and Tarzan Assault Course both of which have seen a good handful of lads come in under time and several come very close. We all now know we must work hard over leave and ensure we remain fit and focused to return ready to complete the tests after two weeks of live firing. Other than this I think most of the Troop have just been looking forward to leave this week, and we appear to be very lucky as we are one of the more senior Troops. Summer Leave will hopefully allow us time to get on top of the minor niggles and aches we have been suffering after coming of Final Exercise. Other then that, a reasonably straight forward week on camp and everyone now can see the finish line. This was confirmed when we were asked to put in our preferences of where we would like to be based. Exciting time, buts loads more hard work still ahead.


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