From the roaring applause for 168 Troop at the finale of Families’ Day, the development all the recruits have made over the last few weeks was clear. The last three weeks has transformed a body of men into a troop. Admittedly, the training team may have a different opinion; none the less, a clasping bond was developing between us all which over the upcoming weeks we will all rely upon.

The whole of week 3 gave a glimpse of the rising learning curve through training. Whether that be the progression at weapon skills, the ever increasingly demanding physical training, the complexity on the drill square or the development of close quarters combat. All of which would be displayed on the upcoming Families’ Day, so, although tired, the troop knew that the hard work would pay off.

Families’ Day showed the daily ongoings at CTC for recruits families. More importantly it allowed 168 Troop the chance to attempt a display of precise drill routine, immaculate accommodation, and, most importantly, we could mesmerise the crowd with our Spartan like physiques in the gymnasium!

The end of Week 3 saw the removal of the orange tabs worn by new recruits, which act as a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card when we have inevitably been late / incorrectly dressed / improperly marching etc…. The result of this is a mix of emotion from excitement for the future to apprehension of the inevitable soundtrack to our lives which will bellow ‘bend, stretch’ as we continue to learn what it takes to become a Royal Marine Commando.


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