164 Troop Diary – Week 9

164 Troop Diary – Week 9

Week 9 of recruit training was a week we all looked forward to with a combination of both fear and excitement as this week included our first major pass or fail test in the gym, gym pass out. The week began at a steady pace with first aid revision lessons for our mid week assessment and the gym sessions were also of a slower pace as we mainly ran through our gym positions and movements.

Previously in training I had been confident in my ability to pass gym pass out with a good score, however a niggling injury which became worse in week 8 put a few doubts in my mind as to whether I would be fit enough on the day. The first aid lessons came as a welcome break from constantly thinking about the gym and all the revision paid off as everybody managed to pass both the practical and written assessments.

Then came the day of gym pass out, all nerves disappeared as soon as the test began which enabled me to simply think of it as a normal IMF session. The hour and a half long gym test flew by and before I knew it we were in 3 ranks at the end waiting for the result. I think the troop as a whole performed to a good standard with all but one of the originals achieving at least a pass. However, there was no time for relaxation as in just 2 days time we had the infamous exercise Hunters Moon, which we had heard so much about.

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