164 Troop Diary – Week 11 and 12 (Straight point ranges)

164 Troop Diary – Week 11 and 12 (Straight point ranges)

Weeks 11 and 12 we were at straight point conducting live firing at the ranges. We had started to prep our bergen’s over the weekend before as we would be away from CTC for two weeks so couldn’t forget anything.

The troop was looking forward to the exercise as it would be the second time we had got to shoot live rounds and would be shooting at further distances than just 25m. We arrived at straight point late so had to unload our kit and get down to the gallery quick to zero in our weapons. Most of the troop got through the zeroing ok but some did struggle. After the range closed for shooting we moved into the DCCT block to practice our shooting on the computer ranges. We were able to simulate our ACMT for extra practice for the actual test. Once everyone’s weapons were zeroed and the range was opened we were on the ETR range conducting 50m, 100m, 200m and 300m in prone, kneeling and standing supported and unsupported. The troop enjoyed shooting on the ERT as it was first time shooting at distance and in different positions. The troop shot well and all passed the ACMT. On week 12 we also performed a night shoot on the ETR at the 100m point. This was a much more difficult shoot as the targets were at the limit of our visibility.

On the last day of straight point we did CQM on the 25m ranges. This was a better shoot as it required more accurate groupings and placements of rounds.

At the end of the shoot we loaded the kit onto the wagons and cleaned the site ready for the next troop. 164 enjoyed the shoot and everyone managed to pass the tests.

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