164 Troop Diary – Week 10

164 Troop Diary – Week 10

Week 10 we had a 5 day field exercise known as Ex Hunters Moon, the main skills being tested and taught were map reading and how to write route cards. Day 1 was a 6km incursion yomp to a scout hut on Dartmoor, where we set up a harbour routine and prepared for the next day. On day 2 we started the day with a daytime navigation, legs led by each member of the section to different locations around Dartmoor. The weather was misty and raining which made it difficult to navigate off of distant features, so we had to read the map and the land we had covered in order to get to our location. Later that day we had a night time navigation where we were given grid references to 8 different locations, we ended up getting lost and then got picked up by the training team and dropped back at the scout hut.

Day 3 we then had an extraction yomp to where we were about to start our survival exercise, we had to hand in our food and contraband to the training team. We slept out in our poncho’s ready for the survival phase of the exercise in the morning. In the morning of day 4 we collected wood for both our fires and our shelters which we were to stay in over night. When the Mountain Leaders arrived they taught us how to kill and skin a chicken and a fish, we were then given one of each between 4 of us. For the rest of the day we continued to collect fire wood as we had to keep the fire burning all night.

After a cold night in the shelter we then had an extraction yomp to some SUV’s where we then got a lift back to CTCRM. Week 10 was a hard week, but it was good to hone our navigation skills in preparation for Ex Baptist Run as well as test our survival skills we had been taught in previous weeks.


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