162 Tp – Week 17 Training Diary

162 Tp – Week 17 Training Diary

Monday was an interesting day which started with a sigs lesson that lasted all morning. We were tasked to complete a series of 10 different scenarios dotted around camp that would have to be broadcast over the net to ZERO such as asking for re-supplies of ammunition and having to relay messages. Tuesday started with a triple bottom field session which so far was one of the hardest we had done. However it was also enjoyable in a twisted way as we also had a troop of Dutch Marines watching us so we had to give 100% and the afternoon consisted of admin and Military Knowledge 3. Wednesday we deployed to Stanley barracks to train on the Vikings. The Wednesday consisted of mostly safety lectures and the operational capabilities of the vehicle and also the things we would be doing the next day. Thursday was the best day of the week. It started in the pool, learning how to use a rebreather and test it by using the rebreather underwater for 45 seconds and also pulling yourself along a rope in the pool to show your confidence. The final test was to deploy your life jacket and swim 2 widths. In the late morning we got in the Vikings and practised being dropped off and picked up by them. Being the smallest bloke I sat behind the front passenger seat where the radio operator sits, the tightest most enclosed space on the vehicle. I would spend ages trying to wriggle in and out of it without smashing my knees and elbows. After being picked up we drove to the pond where we would be practising the escape drills if there was a hull leak. Dragging yourself out of the tiny space up onto the roof of the Viking and seeing that 80% of the vehicle is underwater is quite weird. Finally we had a race to see what sections could put a cam net up the quickest and neatest, 1 and 3 section against 2 and 4. 1&3 lost so we got tasked with washing the Vikings. Friday we took a trip down to the heavy weapons building and learned about the importance of vehicle recognition and how it helps prevent fratricide. After this we got to look through Thermal imaging sights and the control module of the javelin anti tank missile which was surreal. It was like playing Call Of Duty. Finally on the evening we had a lecture from the Troop Commander about the principles of ambushes and a warning order for Exercise Second Empire before we were thinned out for the weekend.


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